Department of Vitreo Retinal Services

The department was started by Dr R.V. Azad (Former chief RP Center, New Delhi) in MDEH and a vitreo retinal surgeon of international repute, providing the most advanced care not only to patients from different parts of the country but from neighbouring countries as well.

A wide range of advanced processes/equipment that aid in early and accurate diagnosis

Digital fundus angiography (fluorescein and Indocyanine green)

Wide-angle angiography (Spectralis)

Ultra sonography

Ultra sound biomicroscopy

Optical coherence tomography- Spectral domain; Swept source

OCT angiography

State of the Art facilities and processes that make the difference in treatment quality

Laser photocoagulation with 512nm green laser; 810nm diode laser

Trans pupillary thermotherapy


Photo dynamic therapy

Vitreo retinal surgery