Optical Services

MDEH provides a one-stop solution Optical Services for all patients. Our Optical Services Department helps in the following:

Provides quality service and products at an ongoing basis

Increases the conversion rate

Trains optometry students in the art of dispensing

Provides solutions for difficult case


Services Provided

Dispensing of Single Vision Lenses, Bifocal Lenses and Progressive Addition Lenses.

Dispensing of Glass or Plastic Lenses

Dispensing lenses with tint, anti reflection coating, hard coat

Dispensing of frames and reading glasses

Dispensing of high index lenses for higher powers


Unique Service, Facilities, Infrastructure

A large stock of plastic lenses is readily available with our Optical Services. If the patient’s prescription falls within the range of lenses available, the patient is dispensed a lens within 1 hour.

Finished spectacles are sent by courier to out station patients.